One of the challenges every Jewish student needs to navigate is how when Jewish observance and class obligations cross paths. McMaster University has formulated an official accommodations policy that requires all professors and Faculties to allow students to miss class/labs without being penalized in any form for religious reasons, and to reschedule midterms and exams should they fall on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays.

This link is an important fact sheet for all students. It contains a summary of your obligations to inform the school in a timely manner an their obligations and options of accommodation. 

For Class/Lab/Tests by Faculty     For Registrar Invigilated Exams

Graduate and CCE Students

For Classes and Tests administered by your faculty, download the following form and submit it to the office of the Associate Dean of your faculty or program. You must fill out the form 10 days into the semester. The Faculty office will then notify you that they have received and approved the accommodations and informed the instructors it involves. You are to then approach the instructor at least 5 days before the date of conflict.

Forms by Faculty:

Arts and Science Program

Degroote School of Business (Faculty of Business) submit to 

Faculty of Engineering 

Faculty of Health Sciences Please submit through the BHSc help desk

School of Nursing 

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences



You must submit a RISO final exam form as a Service Request on MOSAIC (see here for service request information) at least ten (10) working days before the start of the exam period.


Graduate and CCE students use this link and submit the form to the Associate Dean for your program or the Assistant Director of the CCE